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Garden Care Tips for Portland Oregon

Spring Garden Care

Your garden is greening up and shouting for attention in spring. How you respond could determine how much joy you get from your garden through the rest of the year.

Let’s look at a couple of scenarios.

Maybe you are a NEWER gardener in a lightly landscaped lot, with a lawn and some foundation plantings (shrubs around the house, maybe a tree near the street). There aren’t a lot of weeds and you want to keep it that way. You do like tidy, as seen by the way you take care of the hanging flower baskets on your front porch. Maybe the people before you used chemical controls or this is a brand-new installation, but you want to keep Portland green and opt for no chemicals. You want to grow some of your own food, so a raised bed is in the works. It would be cool to grow some perennials and create an herb garden. You and your partner also work full time. Where to start? And what to do when?

A consultation with an experienced gardener from Katie’s Gardening will help put some order and joy into your garden lives. Recommendations can be made on what kind of soil to use in your raised bed, what kind of mulch to use to suppress weeds, and where to site your perennials and herbs. Laborsaving tips can be provided, like what kind of composting system would work best for you. You will benefit from suggestions on shrub and tree care. With help from Katie’s Gardening, you can plan out how simple or complex you want your garden to be and what it makes sense for a professional crew to take care of.

Even VETERAN gardeners can get overwhelmed in spring, what with weeding and other time-sensitive projects increasing outside the front door. You may have added to your weed problem by planting self-sowing and spreading plants (aka garden thugs) that perform well until they decide to take over. There’s a reason to grow members of the mint family in pots! Even violas and self-starts of ornamental grasses can be weeds in the wrong places. Though there are treasures you purchased at spring plant sales waiting to get planted, you know that getting weeds under control is one of the first to-dos in spring.

Katie’s Gardening can help veteran gardeners prioritize what needs to happen for more pleasant gardening the rest of the year. Katie’s Gardening will lend extra hands to help gain control of weeds quickly and can follow up with spreading mulch. That extra spring help may be what you need to feel confident in maintaining your garden’s beauty.

Katie’s Gardening installs new gardens, improves existing gardens and maintains or edits older gardens. Having an experienced landscapers from Katie’s Gardening look at your space and make suggestions is often all it takes to move you past the inertia of “what to do?” to ‘what to do first?” Once a gardener from Katie’s Gardening comes up with suggestions, she will help you prioritize what to do for the health of your garden and what our strong garden crew can do quickly and efficiently. Sometimes, you have to move fast to stay ahead of the forces of nature.